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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Elron is back with another report, this time from Odell Lake. An alternate universe spawned utilizing the fabric of a primitive educational biology video game from the 80s. Includes the mega gigantor hit single "Rakshasa Airforce". If you enjoy Noise music with hooks then by all means click on dear listener. -Skeet Elron Goes To Odell

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music Video for Pussy Comitatus Released

The song Pussy Comitatus comes from the album Atlas Drugged

Buy Atlas Drugged on:
or buy a physical copy at:

The video was produced, written, and directed by Nick "Dune" Baydoun of Cake or Death Productions.
Also appearing in the video are Salome Steinmann, best known for her role in the second season of the Bravo TV reality show series Make Me a Supermodel, and burlesque performer Renee Minou.



i'm a potential rapist
test tube my baby goo
you're a sex predator
bottle me up!
you cheated yourself
and you
sold me out
and for what
what gain
they say i'm poisoned
how bout we give this a try
what if i died?
would that make things better?
for you and i
i think that would give the best impression
if i were to die
it always makes things better
for you and i
after all y'all only need one
i'd make a bad dad
i am a potential rapist
and i'm a domestic abuse machine baby
call up the cops
i cheated myself
my cock
i sold it out
my sperm
my seed
most will die
they say i'm poisoned
how bout we give this a try
what if i died?
would that make things better?
for you and i
i think that gives the best impression
if i were to die
it always makes things better
for you and i
after all y'all only need one
as bad as it sounds
as bad as it seems
it would only be worse
if my actions were weak

from Atlas Drugged, released 09 February 2010 via Modernist Movement Recordings
Produced by: Brian Virtue(Jane's Addiction, Chevelle, Horse the Band)

Vocals: Barry Donegan
Guitar: Christopher Bradley
Guitar: Skeet Childress
Bass: Tyrone Coughlin
Drums: Jake Omen

In other news, I wrote a relevant blog on called The Best Way to Help Your Favorite Musicians: Share Their Singles. Hint hint. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New from Skeet's solo project : Elron Mission Reports

Check out the new chapter in the Elron Mission Reports! This time we find our hero on a side quest to the low-bit fantasy video game universe of Crispyleaf Village. Get out your +1 swords and resist buffs for four tracks of futuristic instrumental anachronism.

Listen now at the link below:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zanzibar III Episode 1: Brigham Young & David Koresh Rally the Troops on the Moon (Song, script & lyrics)

Our story begins in medias res to some extent -- last we heard, Zanzibar's forces clashed with the humble centaur horse-people of Ban'hak Village, led by the hero Sebastian. Sebastian's fiance and better half, Sasha, had been seized in the night by Zanzibar, and the attempt to rescue her failed, leaving Sebastian in Zanzibar's custody.

Meanwhile, at New Manasseh, a city on the moon occupied by green humanoid creatures with thousand-year lifespans, civic and military leaders Brigham Young and David Koresh consider the implications of the drought which now prevents their people from acquiring clean drinking water. They draw up a plan for a confidential mission, and Zanzibar's Lake Panic is the body of water they seek to occupy and extract for their people. They set to the critical task of mustering the moon militia.

Episode 1: Brigham Young & David Koresh Rally the Troops on the Moon - Lyrics

As we begin, Sergeant Brannach quietly sings while looking away from the outpost and into the sky towards Earth. Brigham Young shuffles through maps and dossiers as the militia begins to trickle in to the training field.

Sergeant Brannach(quietly, to himself): "And if we die, we all knew it's worth the sacrifice."

Narrator: "And on the base where Brigham Young does give pause to the drought and those suffering. And on the moon do stand tall his men, six feet of green skin. They await the word to strike."

Brigham Young: "This is a call to arms to all who are able. We're out of water -- our outpost is threatened. This is a call to arms to Earth to bring our water back."

Narrator: "And to the lake t'where Zanzibar does give his patrol and where Sebastian is held... and thus the stakes are higher than these men could know. Alas, this is what fate compels."

Brigham Young: "This is a call to arms to all who are able. We're out of water -- our outpost is threatened. This is a call to arms to Earth to bring our water back."

The troops begin to muster, and Sergeant Brannach springs into action by calling them into formation with the customary call and return, repeating until all troops are in formation.

Sergeant Brannach: "Count it out!"

Mustering Troops: "Fall in!"

After repeating for a time, Brigham Young steps into formation with David Koresh at his side.

Brigham Young: "Fall in line, in formation. Fall in line!"

Sergeant Brannach: "Ooh we're behind you. Ooh we're behind you. Ooh we're behind you. Ooh we're in formation. Count it out!"

Mustering Troops: "Fall in!"

As the troops load onto aircraft, Sergeant Brannach looks off into the sky and sings the customary  military cadence quietly to himself.

Sergeant Brannach: "And if we die, we all knew it's worth the sacrifice."

While the soldiers fall into formation, some hear Brannach singing and join in, climaxing with all troops singing the cadence in unison.

Sergeant Brannach & the Troops: "And if we die, we all knew it's worth the sacrifice."

All sing as the fleet of aircraft disappear into space.


Look What I Did is:
Ty Coughlin
Aaron "Skeet" Childress
Chris Bradley
Jake Omen
Barry Donegan

The following characters in the first recording were played by:

Brigham Young: Pat Quinney of Thomas Medicine
Sergeant Brannach: Barry Donegan
The Narrator: Barry Donegan
The Troops: Eric Esters from Born Empty
                     The Flesh from Born Empty
                     Natalie Nee from Mi-Careme(which also features former
                      members of Jypsi)
                     Jesse Baker from Gay Vibes
                     Acme Brown from Gay Vibes, Marj!
                     Aaron "Skeet" Childress
                     Jake Omen
                     Ty Coughlin

Special note: while this is a complete version of the song, fully compatible with the canon of Zanzibar III, there is a distinct possibility we may rerecord this song as we have already made plans to do exactly that. However, we find this version, while not the final one in our opinion, perfectly suitable as a listen for our fans.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on Zanzibar III either musically, in making a movie adaptation, or in putting on a theatrical production, contact us at

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elron Mission Reports 4 : Elron Goes to Pherkad

Check out this month's release from Elron Mission Reports, the solo project of LWID's own Skeet Childress. Featuring the super-hit "Southern Metropolitan Gridrunners".

Listen Here : Elron Goes to Pherkad.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Check out This New Review of Our Latest Record "Atlas Drugged"

Hit the link above to check out a recent review of our latest record Atlas Drugged.

In other news, I recently wrote some articles for entitled The Supernatural Power of Music and Why Do So Many Music Icons Die at Age 27?

Zanzibar III is coming along quite nicely. Lots of cameos down already and more confirming by the day. A couple songs are almost ready to be heard.

Keep in touch. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Music from Skeet

It's that time again, and our weary traveler is out amongst the stars. Doing weird stuff, thinking about bugs and monsters. Gazing lazily into the abyssal plane. Listen to and download episode 3 from Elron Mission Reports on bandcamp today! Elron Goes to Mothallah

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking back on Cupid Full of Eros in Context

Almost a decade's time has passed since we originally wrote Cupid Full of Eros. I think it is important to look back on that song in context, because it says a lot about how Look What I Did is usually perceived generally. This may seem hard for some new jacks (I don't say that with any denigration, as it isn't someone's fault when they might take an interest in certain types of music) to imagine, but the song was considered wildly extreme and very bizarre when it was first written. It also explains why we were pressured by Combat/Koch to re-release it on Minuteman for the Moment despite having already released another version on My First Time. Put simply, much like a lot of our other music, Cupid Full of Eros' time came a couple of years after we wrote it.

To set the stage, it was approximately 2001 when we wrote the song, though the first recording was officially released in 2003. Cupid Full of Eros was one of the first songs we wrote, so it was crucial in the development of our sound. Look What I Did had just formed from the ashes of a funk punk band called Point of You? which featured a wide cast of characters including, among others, Dylan Napier, Noah Darling, Colby Shea, Miles McPherson, Brent Coleman and Patrick Damphier later of the band Keating, and Evan Brewer, currently of The Faceless and his own Sumerian Records branded solo project, with whom I still occasionally record music under the name Climaxes. That project itself was a rejection of the machismo of Nu-Metal, as we often dressed in drag and did other such things to agitate the status quo.

Look What I Did formed after Point of You? split, with the original lineup of Colby Shea, Miles McPherson, myself, and Chris Bradley. When we wrote Cupid Full of Eros, it is important to understand that the mainstream underground was still very satisfied with the bouncy and aging simplicity of Nu-Metal bands. We rejected that, of course, and, in context, Cupid Full of Eros was considered EXTREMELY heavy at certain points, if you could imagine that. A growing undercurrent was beginning to embrace metalcore and youth crew bands, both of which seemed terribly dated to me at that point, as I had seen all those types of bands play for years at various local venues like Lucy's Record Shop, Indienet, or The Nxt Generation, albeit to tiny crowds.

At this point, we were from another universe, listening to bands from a broad spectrum of influences like Gorguts, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle, Fishbone, and Kings X. 

Looking back on Cupid Full of Eros, there were many things about the way we wrote the song that were at the time considered outrageous. For example, the opening riff was somewhat of a spoof of black metal, which wasn't really a well-known genre among people outside of the more boutique sub-sects of metal at that point in time(though it had been popular a decade or more prior to that moment in history). The ending riffs were our effort to out-heavy the metalcore bands of the underground, and we did so in a tongue-in-cheek way by placing this section after a techno part. At that time, playing Cupid Full of Eros live generated awkward stares and feelings of confusion. It was very heavy for the times, and people had a shocked look on their faces when the techno bridge would kick in. Now, this is hardly a weird thing to do in a song, but, back in those days, it was like we were from Mars.

Sure enough, a few years later, after moving to Los Angeles, the times changed, and Cupid Full of Eros must have seemed contemporary. It has gone on to be played hundreds of thousands of times online so far according to visible metrics and even garnered lots of record label attention for us. To this day, it pretty much always gets the crowd going, but, when we first wrote it, it was like musical leprosy -- no one got it at all. 

This phenomenon always happens to Look What I Did. We aim to avoid the trends of the underground. We seek to expand upon those traditions that already exist to create something new. Also, we look to combine musical styles and music theory principles that are considered "illegal" in music at any given time. The natural consequence of this is that our songs function somewhat like time bombs. We place them, but their explosion comes later on when the music community bores of the current trends. Then, the public's fear of something new fades and the context around the songs seems to change as well.

I wanted to write this because I think a lot of people who discover Cupid Full of Eros today may not understand that it was once a really bizarre, almost avant-garde song in the way it came across. Nowadays, nothing in the song is as extraterrestrial as times have changed so drastically.

The song's subject matter touches on insincere gestures, much like The Soiree. The operative pun is that the song's protagonist kills Cupid with his own arrows, and the term arrows is interchanged liberally with Eros, symbolically lust, throughout the song. The samples in the original version of the song from My First Time are from the movie The Dark Crystal.

For reference, here are the lyrics:

Pluck ambrosia from vines
and drink grape wine from his jiggling cleavage
pouring open from his broken, arrow staken heart
imagine kindergarten, gluing red and pink construction paper hearts
to shoeboxes

fingers and thumbs, fingers, glue tidiings of love
and simple charity
very cute its insincerity
play dumb

a quill of arrows in tow
I track the cherub below
from elevated position
hoping for a certain easy , messy mortal blow
I owe this pig a pennance
for stealing perfectly good conscience for a heart
from good logic

a cupid full of arrows is a
cupid full of love
play dumb

In Other News

Zanzibar III is coming along quite nicely -- we may have some stuff for you guys to hear somewhat soon. :) Also, I recently wrote Radiohead Proven to Be on the Right Side of Music Industry History and Appealing to the Attention Span of Information Age Music Fans for


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Z3 update and Free Download of Skeet's solo project "Elron Mission Reports"

So, how's it going Lwidders? Me? Oh, I'm pretty good. Chris just left after recording bass with Tyrone. I heard some finished music for a Zanzibar 3 song and let me say it sounds epic and weird, just how it should. Fret ye not, for we bushwhack out into the brush but still regularly rub and love up on the core of what has always been the spirit of this band. I wouldn't have it any other way.
In other news i'm doing this thing now where i'm releasing an Elron Mission Report every month until i can't write them anymore. Good thing im stocked up with like 8 months worth of the stuff. Kicking things off in June with a free download of "Elron Goes to Rukbat" on a spiffy new bandcamp. Please share it around if you like it.


CLICK HERE to listen to Elron Goes to Rukbat

DESTINED FOR INCREASE Nashville noise and art collective

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barry Releases New Article on Punk Activism with Updates on Political Plans

Hey guys, I recently wrote an article on political activism called A Punk-Rock Libertarian in Ronald Reagan's Court for the national website of the Republican Liberty Caucus, an organization of activists and elected officials who work together to promote libertarianism inside of the Grand Old Party. Imagine, little old anti-war, pro-decriminalization-of-marijuana me getting elected into the party leadership while openly calling for a dramatic shift away from the tyrannical policies of George W. Bush. Who would have thought that to be possible? Not me, if you'd asked me before it happened.

The classic magazine The American Spectator referred positively to the article in a blog entry by the legendary Shawn Macomber called Establishing Opposition to the Establishment.

Long story short, I, as a form of protest, ran for and surprisingly actually got elected to the county party executive committee of Nashville's GOP, served a 2 year term which went quite well and has since ended, and I will be pushing back my campaign for City Council until 2015. Just as a preface, political statements made by me personally do not necessarily always represent the views of everyone in Look What I Did or any other organization I may at any time be or have been a part of. :)

In Other News

Recording is currently underway for Zanzibar III, we've done some significant ad buys through Facebook and which will mean our fans will soon have some new friends, and I recently wrote some articles for entitled After the Music Industry Appears to Die, It Will Come Back As a More Powerful Cyborg and Promoting Shows Outside of Your Local Market.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

PODCAST: Look What I Did in-studio co-guest hosting on Loud Love! on 91.1 WRVU

Check it out! We did an in-studio appearance on 91.1 FM WRVU earlier in the week, and it is now available in podcast form.

In the immortal words of Drew from Loud Love:

"Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

We're having some fun this week Nashville! Have the guys from Look What I Did in studio with us to talk about rumored releases, rumored shows, rumored political movements, and maybe a show and record that are confirmed and ready for public knowledge as well. We'll be playing old favorites, b-sides and new releases you may not have heard anywhere else, and talking about a whole lot of things which are without a doubt, NOT editorializing.

On a sadder note, because of an untimely death last week, we will also be playing a quick tribute to Poly Styrene of the great early punk band X-Ray Spex, who inspired tons of little girls to be seen and heard, and who's influence ranges far and wide, in addition to claiming a spot on any list of "top punk albums!" you'll read.

So strap in, turn up your speakers, and make sure you're tuning in this week, so you can get the answers to all the important questions. How many websites does LWID need you to visit? Can Ty turn up the radio voice and take over for us as host? How many nicknames does Acme have? Who is it that keeps calling Skeet? Find out the answers to these.. and more... this week, on Loud Love."

The playlist for the show can be found at this link. The podcast itself can be heard by pushing the "play" button found below!


In Other News

I penned two articles for entitled Music Video Distribution in the Information Age and Band Blogs Build Big Buzz.

Also, speaking of music videos... that's a hint.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Live Stream Link Inside: Look What I Did guest-hosts Loud Love on 91.1 WRVU Vandy tonight 11 PM CST

Tonight at 11PM CST, Look What I Did will be stopping by the 91.1 WRVU Vanderbilt studios to guest host the Loud Love show. This will be a live broadcast, and it will be available for users around the world via the 91.1 WRVU live stream.

You can also live chat with the host and listen live over different types of audio players on the WRVU website, so feel free to visit them when the time comes!

In Other News

I wrote some new articles for called Facebook Etiquette for Musicians, Fans, and Industry Professionals and A Revolutionary Stunt: 8 Songs in As Many Hours at the Rethink Music Conference.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Satire: Shocking Closer Look at Obama's Birth Certificate

Birtherism as it is called has become the favorite subject of race-baiters from all sides of the political spectrum, with people debating whether or not President Obama might be from Kenya or Hawaii, whether or not it is appropriate to ask such a question, whether or not such a question has ever been asked of presidents like Clinton, Bush, or Reagan, and whether or not those asking such questions are doing so for racially motivated reasons.

To resolve this age-old dispute made famous by the spray-tanned real estate tycoon cum presidential candidate Donald Trump, President Obama released his birth certificate to be viewed by the public. Since there is so much controversy surrounding this subject, I decided to take a look.

The results were shocking. While President Obama was definitely born in Hawaii and is thusly of course an American citizen as is to be expected, a closer look examined another detail that proves he was hiding the birth certificate from the public. Click on the photo below to see a close-up look at the disturbing secret that we discovered!

Yes, the shocking truth that Obama didn't want you to see, and thus his reasoning for not releasing his birth certificate, is that he was actually born with the same name (and political philosophy and policies) as former President George W. Bush!

It truly is George W. Bush's third term!!! (Although, it would have been easier to determine that by simply noticing his efforts to unilaterally bomb nations like Lybia, Yemen, or Pakistan and expand the wars and use of military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.)


In Other News

Zanzibar III is well on its way. IV and V may be written as well depending on how much of the hours of music we intend to actually use. We're looking at some new options for a merch web store as well, so expect some cool new swag pretty soon. Also, I recently wrote a blog for entitled The Return of the Split Seven Inch Vinyl Record.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Behind Zanzibar III Characters Part 1: David Koresh

The Zanzibar series is to some extent a cartoon-style rock opera. The plot is a struggle between the forces of good and evil with some more complex and tragic characters of "chaotic neutral" alignment that help the protagonist centaur Sebastian through some rough spots in his battle with the wicked pirate Zanzibar.

In this universe, Brigham Young's pilgrimage to the moon was successful, and while there, the banished soul of David Koresh arrives and takes on a human avatar to serve as his military lieutenant. The characters are loosely based on the iconic real-world people in question, but are more so absurd characterizations of them.

Essentially, the moon is inhabited by a civilization of 6-foot tall green people whose leader is Brigham Young. Koresh is their charismatic, energetic military mastermind, and, when the moon runs out of clean drinking water, their army is given the task of extracting water from Zanzibar's lake to quench the thirst of their population.

This military mission just so happens to begin at the same time that Sebastian is being hauled into court (see: Star Chamber) to face trial for insurrection against Zanzibar, causing an alliance of circumstance.

The Real David Koresh

The real David Koresh was the leader of the Branch Davidian church which was destroyed by the ATF in a brutal slaughter in the 1990s. Koresh was accused of storing weapons (he was an arms dealer by trade at the time for income), and there were rumors that he had taken on multiple wives, some of whom were underage. 

The ATF used rules of engagement that ultimately forced a violent conflict and lead to a siege that killed many innocent people. As terrible as some of the allegations against David Koresh were, it was obviously not to the benefit of anyone to set their compound on fire and kill so many innocent people. This is one of the darkest and most complex moments in American history, and, as a result, we felt it would make for compelling satirical content in the storyline. The absurdist characterization of David Koresh is not meant to make light of either the abuse of which he was accused nor the innocent bloodshed that occurred on that day. Look What I Did does not condone the actions of either party involved in this dark and terrible event.

To learn more about the real David Koresh and the siege in Waco, check out this lesser-known documentary on the subject:

Anyhow, this video content is being used in a fair use manner to provide an in depth glimpse into this dark and complicated historical event.

Don't expect Zanzibar III to be loaded with this type of intense discourse, as the character of David Koresh will be portrayed in a lighthearted-yet-satirical manner -- I just thought it might be interesting to take a look at this significant historical event that inspired our cartoon character of the same name.

FYI, did you know David Koresh made music? Check it out:

In Other News

Look What I Did will be playing in Nashville on May 6th to support our friends who will be having a CD release party, and I recently wrote a blog for entitled Do You Remember the First Time Music Changed Your Life?.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New "Elron Mission Reports" Track

Check out a new track from Skeet's solo project "Elron Mission Reports". Recorded using the same well loved and rickety yamana mt-4x he's been recording on since 1996, it's got the sonics of a fluffy christmas sweater filled with wheat chex and grape jelly, except the guy wearing it sees the apocalypse coming. It's up on bandcamp now at the link below. Give it a bunch of listens, it'll make him feel better.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look Back for the lulz: Tila Tequila Endorses Look What I Did... in 2003

Here's proof!

Private info has been redacted from the provided screenshot to protect the inno... uh, you know what I mean. It is a lesser known fact that Tila Tequila, Look What I Did, and National Product were once the only accounts on MySpace with over 10,000 friends. Imagine how famous we could have become if we had bosoms, too!

I doubt Tila Tequila bestowed the honor of her endorsement upon us due to actually liking our wacky sound; she wanted to trade bulletins to get the Look What I Did bump. I think it worked.

Did Look What I Did make Tila Tequila famous with our 2003 MySpace bulletin trade? One couldn't possibly know for sure, but, because it is possible to make that claim, I will.

In Other News

Skeet's Elron side project is jamming out in Nashville this weekend, check out the Facebook event page dedicated to the event. Also, I wrote articles for called We're All Deadheads Now and Innovation Alert: Last Chance to Reason's Video Game Slash Album.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chris Bradley's (guitar) gear

Ok. So. I will try to remember what I recorded with on Atlas, as well as bass gear for the other two records. And I will go over my live gear, which is fairly simple.

1.Atlas- On atlas, I played a Schecter Pete Townshend model guitar, mostly using the second pickup configuration to give it a twangy tone you don't hear much in heavy music. It is similar to the Ty Tabor(King's X) approach. I used a B-52 guitar head and (I believe) a Sovtek head and combined the two sounds. I think I used my Avatar 4-12 cabinet, but that I'm not sure of. Live I use the B-52, a 5150 4X12 cabinet on the bottom, and Avatar 4x12 cabinet on top. However, I don't remember which speaker configuration I use. Me and Skeet got our own configurations, but the same color cabinet. One has an Avatar, one has an "Avata". We each use the one nearest to us when we load for each show. I play the Pete Townshend guitar most of the time, and sometimes play a Michael Kelly MK Valor.

2. Minuteman - For Minuteman, I used a Music Man Stingray bass with D'Addario strings. I used some Ampeg direct box. We mic'd an Ampeg PR410 through an Ampeg SVT4 Pro 1200 watt Bass head, with a Sansamp pedal for gain, and I think a third channel was used as well, but I'm not sure what it was. I also used a fretless 5 string Steinberger Spirit bass on "Fox" and "Is, Was". Bought it new for 125$, now it's worth about $500. Live I used the same head, til it broke. Then, I briefly used a GK 700RB head. The cabinet I used was the standard Ampeg 8x10 refrigerator, which Ty is now using.

3.My First Time - For this one, I used a GK 400RB head through a Hartke 2x10 cab and mic'd it. I'm not sure what mic I used. An old 70's Rickenbacker bass was used on most of it. A few songs had the Music Man, and on the more funk oriented songs, like "Lipstick" I used an Epiphone Les Paul bass. Live gear for that time period is irrelevant, since our live shows back then were more "performance art/trainwreck" than actual music.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skeet's memory attempts to list guitar gear

Chris and I were recently asked for a rundown of the gear we use to get our guitar tones.

My live rig consists of a Soldano Avenger 100watt head into an Avatar 4x12 cab (vintage 30's on top and G12H30's on the bottom) and a Peavey 5150 4x12 cab. Guitars are a Michael Kelley Vex Verdict and the S1 Schecter Blackjack.

As for live effects i keep it fairly simple, Boss Blues Driver (bd-2) for extra gain and a Boss Chorus Ensemble which im using alot for the newer stuff. My guitar sound on Atlas Drugged was mainly a Bogner head and a Peavey 6505. Expect a more comprehensive blog and a gear list from Chris in the near future.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Open Source Look What I Did Episode 2: Free MP3 Tracks from Zanzibar III Writing Sessions

In keeping with the transparent writing process we are conducting for Zanzibar III, today is the second installment in the "Open Source Look What I Did" series. The first had 5 MP3 skeletal tracks that will be ultimately reworked and probably used for our upcoming vinyl concept release Zanzibar III: Analog Prison. Today's update features 4 more, including the theme we will be using to signify the entrance of the protagonist Sebastian.

We are planning on having a sort of Peter and the Wolf style entrance theme for a few of the main characters that may reprise periodically when each one appears in the storyline.

Anyhow, feel free to download these tracks and listen at your leisure. Also, if you are an electronic musician in need of samples, feel free to use these tracks however you would like so long as you link back to in the event that you intend to post the results online.

The purpose of these skeletal tracks is to give you the listener the opportunity to see the different riffs and ideas at various phases during the writing process. It can be interesting to see how much the ideas change over time as we continue to work.

Most of these were recorded on a cassette four track recorder using a single SM58 as a room mic.

Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - delicious loaves by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Sebastian's Theme by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Happy Sinister by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - drippy caves by LookWhatIDid

In Other News

The rest of the Look What I Did are plotting future blogs, so expect lots of exciting new updates. Also, I recently wrote an article for called The Gatekeepers Are Gone: You Can Be Yourself.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Should Screaming Vocalists Fake Scream or Scream Hard?

Screaming vocals are arguably among the most polarizing musical techniques on Earth. Few musical theorists consider the style to be a valid musical art form despite the fact that millions of fans connect and relate to this passionate form of vocal expression. However, there are some unique concerns that confront screaming vocalists, and very little academic discussion on the subject exists. This means that the majority of frontmen in metal and punk bands have no idea what the proper technique should be.

To Fake Scream or Scream Hard

I've been a hybrid screaming and singing vocalist for over a decade, giving me lots of experience with the consequences of doing both day-in-and-day-out. Also, the fact that I engage in melodic singing means I have some way to identify how little damage has been done to my voice -- it is actually in better shape now than ever before. I can sing longer, clearer, and louder now than ever and haven't experienced Robert Plant syndrome to any real degree.

I am officially on Team Scream Hard, and this comes from a medical standpoint in addition to a style standpoint. I believe it sounds best when you scream hard, but, medically, it is also best for your voice.

It's All About Hydration

Before I was in Look What I Did, I sang for a band called Point of You? in Nashville. Lots of noteworthy folks were in that band including Miles (who was also in Look What I Did and now plays for Kelly Clarkson), Colby Shea, Evan Brewer (later Reflux, Animosity, Terror), Dylan Napier (Scatter the Ashes), and Brent and Patrick later of Keating, among others. During that time, I had a severe injury to my voice that caused blood to literally come from my mouth when I sang.

Luckily, Nashville has an entire medical industry devoted to professional singers. I went to a specialist, which was covered by my insurance plan at the time, who told me how to stop the problem. It turns out I had developed the habit of clearing my throat constantly due to the irritation caused by screaming. Clearing my throat was doing severe damage to my voice, because it is basically a form of whispering where vibration is passed through the vocal chords without any accompanying breath. That breath is required to lubricate your vocal chords, and not completing that process is very unhealthy.

Remember the Tissue Paper Singing Drill?

For those of us from a traditional singing background, you may recall a drill whereby you sing with a piece of toilet paper in front of your mouth to make sure that breath is coming all the way through your respiratory system and out of your mouth. It is easy to not complete that biological process while singing, and doing so can cause significant damage to your voice. Your breath is loaded with moisture, and that moisture lubricates your vocal delivery system, leading to a healthier voice and less overall biological damage from singing.

This same principle is true when you are screaming. When you reach back and belt as hard as you can, an enormous amount of wind travels throughout and comes out of your mouth. On the other hand, fake screams are very similar, biologically, to the activity of clearing your throat.

Over time, loud screaming will callous your insides and strengthen your ability to handle it. There have been plenty of times when I had to sing and scream every night on a 7-week tour, and I've rarely had any problems with losing my voice.

On the other hand, fake screams will do significant damage and will also not sound nearly as cool. Furthermore, real screams make your face turn purple and veins come out of your forehead, and that is freakin' cool as Hell.

In Other News

Skeet and I are helping our buddies Josh and Rob by recording a cameo this weekend. That is officially a hint. Also, I recently penned an article for called Tomorrow's Streaming Songs: Evaluating the Future Potential of Streaming Media.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LIVE VIDEO from March 15 Nashville Show at the End with Last Chance to Reason, Wretched, et al

Here are some videos of exceptional audio quality taken from of our performance at the End in Nashville, TN on March 15. Our buddies in Last Chance to Reason (Prosthetic Records) played in addition to our new friends Wretched (Victory Records), and Mindset Defect provided the local support.

"Haematospermia" from Atlas Drugged
"Six Flags Over Jesus" from Atlas Drugged
"My Girlfriend Leo Strauss" from Atlas Drugged
"Serf Song" from Atlas Drugged

Here also lies some footage of Last Chance to Reason's set. Be sure to check them out and pick up their upcoming record-slash-video-game!

In Other News

An official band Twitter is on the way, as well as lots of new stuff decided upon in last night's planning meeting. Funds have been allocated for marketing, so expect some new friends to join the Info Punk movement very soon. Lots of interesting updates and exciting stuff are coming in the near future! Also, I recently wrote some articles for gazzmic entitled How You Can Support the Gazzmic Revolution and How to Make Your Content Go Viral. Rock on!

Monday, March 21, 2011

GAZA live in Nashville @ Exit/In 3-16-11

I got the immense pleasure of catching the always awesome GAZA last week at our local big boy rock room, the Exit/In. GAZA has come through Nashville around 5 times in the last year or so, and their show never gets any less awesome to watch. About a year back I saw them with Converge at the same venue, and their show has definitely tightened up and become even more awesome in that time frame. This time around they were support on a tour with The Red Chord and Trap Them, and GAZA definitely brought the spirit of the evening. Below is a live clip I caught...enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Source Look What I Did Episode 1: New Zanzibar III related free MP3 content

So henceforth in the clutches are we of the writing of the great fable Zanzibar III. It is a cartoon song, a sequel to an ongoing series that began in Zanzibar I: The Dry-Mouthed Horse That Died at the Watering Hole on My First Time and continued on Zanzibar II: Sasha and Sebastian from Minuteman for the Moment. Some may recall that Zanzibar II featured a guest spot by Aimee Echo from TheStart and Human Waste Project.

It's a tale of a town of centaur-like horse-people whose only source of water is a lake patrolled by the tyrannical and cruel pirate Zanzibar. Sebastian is the hero of his horse-tribe, and Sasha his love interest. By Zanzibar III, Sebastian is enroute to imprisonment in Zanzibar's gaol with Sasha stolen away as the pirate's concubine. Meanwhile, the forces of Brigham Young, lying in wait on the moon, are planning an attack against Zanzibar's fleet to steal the lake's water for use on their moon-base.

At this point in the writing process, we have put together musical sketches, assorted combinations of riffs, and other skeletal components which we are now arranging into songs. Today, we will present five of these sketches in mp3 format below. Feel free to download these tracks and use them for sampling purposes, listening enjoyment, or any other usefulness you may find of them. If you use them as found art in a new creative work that you post online, such as an electronic song, we simply ask that you link back to our blog at in return.

We will post more of them in future installments. These were recorded using a single SM-58 through an old cassette 4-track recorder. Feel free to comment on the tracks themselves using the Soundcloud commenting interface, or in this blog, to let us know how these tracks make you feel.

Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - moon over bluegrass by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - spy into weird slimey by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - subdued mutey by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - dreary sludge riff by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Sebastian party by LookWhatIDid

In Other News

We got to see our buddies in Last Chance to Reason at our show together in Nashville at The End last night and met the gentlemen from Wretched, who were fine individuals as well. Mindset Defect from Nashville opened up and it was a great evening. It was a one-off show we did to highlight the fact that our buddies in Last Chance were in town. They have a video game slash album coming out on April 12th on Prosthetic that you should check out. was on hand to review the event. He has some live footage of the show in his review as well. Also, a group of fans in Knoxville have started a campaign to Get Look What I Did to Play in Knoxville, Tennessee on Facebook, so feel free to "like" that page and support their efforts if you live in their area!

I also recently wrote a blog for Gazzmic called We Are Living Through a Paradigm Shift.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Live Video: Almost-Complete Show, Look What I Did at the Carriage House in Ohio

We've posted some decent-quality footage of one of our sets from our most recent tour with the humor-core gentlemen of Psychostick, for whom Skeet and I are working on something right now (foreshadowing).

It was at an ancient Carriage House in Louisville, Ohio, and thusly the ceiling was short and the balconies above the stage were almost at arms-length. The show was well attended, and the people hanging down from above made me feel as though I were in the Nine Inch Nails video for "Wish" in which the crowd surrounds the band from every direction as they are trapped in a cage. It was an exciting show.

Either our manager and Malcom McLaren, Jesse Baker or Josh of the 'stick recorded these songs, depending on the video in question. This isn't a complete show as a song and a half may be missing, but here it is, a recent Look What I Did show, where we are supporting another band in a town we have never played, in semi-concert, low-fi format:

My Approximation of the Set (from memory)

1. Six Flags Over Jesus
      I don't think we have this video, if anyone else caught it, upload it to YouTube and holler.
2. Fade to Daft

3. Serf Song

4. Stop - Jane's Addiction Cover
      We dedicated this song to our friend Stacy Fleeman, who passed away. Jane's Addiction was his favorite band.

5. My Girlfriend, Leo Strauss
The first video is the pre-song banter leading up to it, where I explain that the title is an emasculation of Leo Strauss.

6. Shit $

7. Quit It

8. Pussy Comitatus

9. Cupid Full of Eros

It's Quite Possible...
   ...that I got the order wrong. While I have your attention, I recently wrote a blog for gazzmic called Music in the Information Age: Life in the Cloud.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Was Having a Panic Attack in This Video

I stumbled across this incidental YouTube footage of a show we did in NYC at the Knitting Factory in 2006 while touring in support of Minuteman for the Moment. Ironically, I remember this exact moment well. The Soiree has quite a few sustained screams and little room for breathing in the vocal delivery. We had just finished being benched for two weeks by a catalytic converter malfunction that cost us $2000. We were on our way to join Ion Dissonance and The Classic Struggle for a tour.

Little did I know at the time, the stress from the recent complications had driven me to suffer from lots of what I know now to be icepick headaches. These medical wonders basically feel exactly like they sound -- they are sharp, stabbing pains in the head that last around 5 to 30 seconds and end. They were happening to me around 10 or 12 times a day without warning, and the northeastern weather was sub-zero, so I couldn't escape the loud venues for any length of time by going on a walk outside.

Unfortunately, at this particular moment I was unaware of the medical condition and simply began to believe that I was having aneurysms. Frequent panic attacks were plaguing me until I did enough research to realize that the condition exists and that I was not suffering from a serious neurological disorder.

The ironic thing about this particular footage is that I recall with certainty that I was in the midst of a severe panic attack at this exact moment of the song. Finding it online later, neatly recorded only at the time in which I was suffering so, is interesting to say the least.

Anyhow, I specifically remember thinking (during that very footage) that I screamed so hard that I was certain to trigger whatever aneurysm I had coming.

It turns out that I was just having headaches from stress. I'm sure the constant screaming contributed as well, but I do that all the time, and it's a net positive for my health in my view. It's nice to be able to let loose primal screams all the time. Most corporate cubicle prisoners never get the chance to wretch out their anxieties in a banshee howl multiple times a week; I'm blessed in that sense.

Regardless, this video is funny to me in that it is a horrible moment from life that, in retrospect, seems silly. It's so strange that this fan chose this exact moment to push record. Perspective is everything.

Et Cetera

We recently stumbled on the lost studio footage of the making of Minuteman for the Moment and more from our last tour which will make it online shortly. Additionally, I wrote a blog for gazzmic called Fan Ethics: When Gas Prices Rise, Support Touring Bands.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Look What I Did Arrangement Session (VIDEO) Interrupted by Tornado (NOT ON VIDEO) & More

We got together Thursday to go over our scratch recordings for our upcoming Zanzibar III EP. We have maybe 70 or 80 riffs or skeletal parts this time which is quite an abnormally large number for us. This session, our objective was to listen through and associate parts with the appropriate section of the storyline. We decided to do some sort of "Peter and the Wolf" type entrance segments for certain characters, and we are using an unusual song structure for the whole mess.

We intend to go "open source" in the future and post those clips and snippets on Soundcloud. We are even considering letting people use them as found-art samples for other songs as we are likely to change the music quite a lot before it gets burnt to vinyl for Zanzibar III.

Here is some video of us listening through a few of the 70 some-odd snippets we have at the moment.

The Tornado Strikes

About 3 hours into our arrangement session, a vicious tornado flew overhead and caused a serious blackout that put thousands of Nashville homes out of power. The Panamint Mansion was one such domicile.

While waiting in the basement for the tornado to pass (literally overhead on its course to strike ground and destroy property at nearby Smith Springs Road), I took some pictures to pass the time.

In Other News

We firmed up some plans today that may bring us to your town with some exciting friends (that is a not-so-subtle hint about news you'll hear more on later). Also, I wrote a gazzmic blog entitled Dealing with the Press: Public Relations Tactics for the Independent Musician

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why You Should Write "Look What I Did" on Your Paper Money

We are officially recognizing a fan-driven effort to start a "chaos drive" where everyone is writing "Look What I Did" in the top margin of their paper money. This is typically legal, and, to our knowledge, is only being done in a  legal fashion. Back off, Justice Department! :)

It IS illegal to completely deface currency so as to make it unfit for circulation, so simply write it somewhere legal and non-disruptive like the top or bottom margin. With everyone doing it, we are certainly creating a viral and interesting buzz. If everyone works together and does it, soon, the world will be very confused as to what that means, and the resulting Googling will increase Skeet's fame™.

Everyone participating in the chaos drive should do so only in a manner befitting the laws pertinent to them, and LWID is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise from this spontaneous, bottom-up word-spreading effort.

Join in what will be remembered as one of the most creative and interesting such efforts of all time. ALL YOUR MONEY ARE BELONG TO US!

All this, in honor of our tune "Jekyll Island Fiat Scratch" from Atlas Drugged

In Other News

I sat down (nowhere near him) for an interview with the top music journalist in the history of  New Zealand, "Young" Beezy, and I wrote an article for gazzmic entitled The Economics of Music. Also, we released a video update from a writing session the other day for Zanzibar III: Analog Prison.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skeet's Elron Side Project Makes the Front Page of & Other News

Today's episode of Who Is Increasing Skeet's Fame™ features some exciting news! Info-punk meets infowars as the afore-linked protest video featuring the music of Skeet's side-project Elron made the front page of today. Also, I wrote an article for Gazzmic called How the Selection of Band, Song, and Album Names Can Cause Your Music to Go Viral.

We're still looking for blogroll trades, so hit us up in the comments if you'd like to do that. Also, music equipment companies, future blogs could contain features about your gear if you provide it for us to use and it's good. Most of Look What I Did's fans are musicians, you know. ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Current Look What I Did Live Vocal Rig (Music Gear Enthusiast Content Herein)

To whom this may be of interest, I submit to thee my live vocal rig.

This is my Sennheiser e945 mic. I picked this one up on the cheap on Ebay for around $170 nearly a year ago. It sounds crisp and full, though I EQ the lows out pretty substantially as Look What I Did's overall mix is a bit heavy on the dirty and rich bass, and too much low end can turn our sound into a wall of mud thus muffling the vocals. Turning the bass frequencies down tends to resolve this issue, and I love the sound of this mic. Chris uses the Shure Beta 58A and Skeet uses a traditional Shure SM58. The blend of the different tones of the mics works quite well, and, ever since we switched to this rig, we've had no problem getting the harmonies out into the front of house mix even when we're running two full stacks on each side in smaller rooms (depending of course on the strength of the PA).

After struggling for years to explain how to mix our vocals live to local sound engineers that we've never met before (imagine saying, "OK, we are very heavy and loud as much so sometimes as a death metal, grindcore, or hardcore band, but we have delicate three part vocal harmonies that appear periodically. Oh yeah, and Skeet and I scream bloody murder very frequently at a loud volume, and Chris is soft on the mic. So... just figure that out."), we decided to take matters into our own hands. I use this Behringer 1204FX mixer to mix down all three of our vocals live on the fly, and I run the effects through it on a loop, allowing me to apply them to each or all of the vocal channels.

This particular mixer comes with more channels than I need and 4 XLR inputs. It has on-board effects which I sometimes use, the most frequent one being a very light application of the chorus effect listed as #63. The outputs are balanced which makes using it live far more practical. I have had very few problems using this mixer in nearly any venue. I picked it up for under $200 on Ebay and scored a USB interface attachment with the deal.

For additional effects and samples, I use:

The KORG KP3 KAOSS Pad is primarily marketed to DJs, but I find it quite useful for live vocals. I have yet to take advantage of the sampling features, but intend to in the future. If anyone would like to collaborate with me by providing me with some sample tracks via email to load onto an SD card to use live, I would be open to discussing such matters in the comments. I'd love to have fun experimental or electronic samples to play with live during technical difficulties or interesting speech samples and other such content to play during and between songs.

A Future Addition?

I'm considering adding a microKORG to my live rig, pictured below.

If any of you have experience with it, I'd appreciate your input in the comments. Should I get one and incorporate it into my existing live rig? Your thoughts may well influence my decision as I am on the fence.


This is a crucial component of my live rig for when "alertness is required." Look What I Did is in no way responsible for any of the jittery feelings you might experience if you choose to incorporate this element of my live rig into your setup.

In Other News

Look What I Did will soon go open-source. We can't yet explain what this means, but it will be innovative, and you will hear more about it very soon. Also, I wrote a new article for Gazzmic called A Seasoned Road Warrior's Grab Bag of Tour Tips, and the Gazzmic blog got a visual upgrade!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Barry's Egypt Video Timeline, Skeet's Fame Increases, and Download Situation Handled

Everyone knows I'm a political activist, but I try to keep the written content about minutiae relegated to personal blogs or publications that deal in that specific business. Politics can be contentious, and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to subscribe to identical views in order to listen to Look What I Did. That said, there are some technically political events that transcend politics.

While I personally feel that the USA has a moral responsibility to stay out of the crisis in Egypt officially, everyone in the world who wishes to live in a free society is cheering right along with these people who just woke up overnight to the fact that they've been suffering under multiple decades of tyranny. Since I'm the type of person who obsessively watches world events like these, I figured I would provide some Egypt Revolution Cliff's Notes in the form of a video timeline of exactly how this sudden flash mob internet revolution came to be. I've been watching Al Jazeera's English Live Stream off and on for days due to their superior coverage of events on the ground in that part of the world. I have drifted off to sleep the past few nights watching swirling swarms of Egyptian patriots defeating tyranny by exercising the rights recognized in the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Free and unrestrained speech, social media websites, and direct protest action just took a 30-year dictator down in a flash. This should be inspirational to us all.

For those who haven't been keeping up with this ongoing crisis, check out this video timeline. This is intended to show the events that lead up to this remarkable philosophical paradigm shift.

Barry's Egypt Video Timeline

I first learned of Egypt's ongoing tyranny from Coptic Christian refugees that I met while living in Los Angeles. (Back when we were pursuing the Koch/Combat record deal that ultimately increased Skeet's fame and resulted in Minuteman for the Moment.) However, not until the internet began to show abuses did these issues become more well-known to the average person. It was the arrest and imprisonment of bloggers for writing critical speech of Mubarak's administration that first sent shockwaves throughout the internet.

Anyone who is familiar with the FreeKareem movement will remember where the Egyptian Revolution really started. In my view, while the people of Egypt deserve praise for their courage, the real battle at play here is the technology of the internet versus Mubarak's corrupt government. The internet is a vehicle of instant and unchained communication, and this is in direct conflict with a government that seeks to suppress speech.
The above video is a plea from 2007 to Mubarak's government to free Kareem Amer, arguably one of the Egyptian revolution's first major players, whether he knew it at the time or not. The tyranny so inflamed the world that countless worldwide protests went on demanding his release. He had been sentenced to 4 years in prison for words he typed into his blog. 

The suppression of free speech was unfortunately only one of the tyrannical activities carried out by the unchecked executive power of Mubarak's administration. Security forces were routinely committing egregious human rights abuses against citizens, and this was reaching a fever pitch when the Tunisian revolution happened.
A Tunisian college student, after having his street vendor business shut down by security forces for foolish bureaucratic reasons, set himself on fire in protest. The nation exploded into protest in turn.

I will warn you that some of the footage in this timeline is going to be hard to watch. However, it is medicine we need to take. It was much harder for those appearing in the videos, so I think we'll all able to tolerate watching them considering that fact. Of course, feel free to exercise viewer discretion if you feel you can't handle watching what happened to real people in Egypt. These things can happen to anyone when government is allowed unlimited police power.

Inflationary food prices plunged Egypt into the brink. Abusive security forces demoralized the population. Things went nuclear after 48-year old Abdu Abdel-Monaam Hamadah, an Egyptian restaurant owner, set himself ablaze in front of the parliament in Cairo to protest rising food prices.
This videoblog by Asmaa Mahfouz is widely considered the video that officially started the Egyptian revolution.
In the video, she appeals to the machismo of Egyptian men by warning them that she and some female friends intend to protest Mubarak in Tahrir Square on January 25th. Since most Egyptians were aware that security forces regularly responded to protest with human rights abuses, it was clear that these young girls were facing serious danger. They compelled viewers to come join them in protest if for no other reason than to protect them from being hurt or killed by security forces. This may have significantly contributed to the protest going viral. No one likes to see young women getting hurt.

Turns out, people showed up.

If you have a soul, that video will bring you to tears. It is obvious something amazing is happening at this point. However, this is when widespread smartphone videos emerged online showing unbelievably heinous human rights abuses. To bear down on the spread of information, Mubarak shocked the world by shutting down the internet. This came at the same time the US Government was asking for that exact power, so we are very lucky as Americans that this foolish policy was being considered while we were watching a veritable clinic on why it is an example of an abuse of a fundamental human right.

This stuff is not for the faint of heart, but, if Mubarak hadn't already inflamed everyone left in Egypt or -- Hell, the whole world, these types of videos did it.

Mubarak called off his security forces after they were overwhelmed by the protesters, now of such great number as to nearly shut down society. Like any true tyrant, he sent in the military. However, he forgot that, due to the fact that Egypt has a praetorian system of government, the military might not carry out the human rights abuses that he had in mind. They didn't. They just stood there and watched the protest, sometimes even joining in.
When Mubarak's military proved to be the Egyptian version of the Oath Keepers, he decided to encourage his security forces to go home, dress in plain clothes, and engage in violent protest by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at peaceful anti-government protesters. This struck me as not only insanely tyrannical, but petty and childish.
Also, these "security forces" thought it was in the security interest of the Egyptian people to senselessly beat reporters from major news organizations from around the world. Al Jazeera was banned, and even American news journalists like Anderson Cooper from CNN caught savage beatings by "pro-Mubarak protesters" which is newspeak for Egyptian security forces.
So on February 11th, the protest grew its largest ever after Mubarak delivered a defiant speech on February 10th that Egyptians thought would be his farewell address.

Then, realizing he had nowhere left to turn, Mubarak stepped down, and the internet and the Egyptian people defeated decades of continuous tyranny.

So there you have it, a flash mob style revolution in videos.

In Other News

Today's segment of WHO IS INCREASING SKEET'S FAME?™ sees Skeet's Elron project from his Destined for Increase brand featured in a political protest video by the gentlemen over at Resistance Is Sexy
Also, I wrote a blog for Gazzmic that, if read by all music fans, would fix the music industry. It is called For Music Fans: To Download or Not to Download. 

Please contribute to the viral spread of this blog. Y'all rule.