Friday, February 25, 2011

Look What I Did Arrangement Session (VIDEO) Interrupted by Tornado (NOT ON VIDEO) & More

We got together Thursday to go over our scratch recordings for our upcoming Zanzibar III EP. We have maybe 70 or 80 riffs or skeletal parts this time which is quite an abnormally large number for us. This session, our objective was to listen through and associate parts with the appropriate section of the storyline. We decided to do some sort of "Peter and the Wolf" type entrance segments for certain characters, and we are using an unusual song structure for the whole mess.

We intend to go "open source" in the future and post those clips and snippets on Soundcloud. We are even considering letting people use them as found-art samples for other songs as we are likely to change the music quite a lot before it gets burnt to vinyl for Zanzibar III.

Here is some video of us listening through a few of the 70 some-odd snippets we have at the moment.

The Tornado Strikes

About 3 hours into our arrangement session, a vicious tornado flew overhead and caused a serious blackout that put thousands of Nashville homes out of power. The Panamint Mansion was one such domicile.

While waiting in the basement for the tornado to pass (literally overhead on its course to strike ground and destroy property at nearby Smith Springs Road), I took some pictures to pass the time.

In Other News

We firmed up some plans today that may bring us to your town with some exciting friends (that is a not-so-subtle hint about news you'll hear more on later). Also, I wrote a gazzmic blog entitled Dealing with the Press: Public Relations Tactics for the Independent Musician

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