Thursday, February 10, 2011

R.I.P. Guitar Hero

So, apparently playing Dance Dance Revolution with a "band themed" user-interface has finally bit the dust as Guitar Hero was canned by Activision. Such a turn of events puts this old controversial (100+ comments?) blog about Guitar Hero from our MySpace page into an interesting perspective.

Rock Band's parent company Harmonix appears to be having some issues as well, so it looks like the kids are just going to have to start playing real instruments.

I kicked out a gazzmic blog yesterday called Make Them Remember Your Name, and today is Jake Omen's Birthday! Wish him a Happy Birthday, internet!

Feel free to discuss your sense of anguish or ecstasy over the demise of Guitar Hero in the comments! This is an important matter with serious implications for humanity. (translated: Video games are srs bsns.)


  1. After the first 2 games I stopped caring about the Guitar Hero games. They became more about gimmicks and less about the music. Although, I do still want Guitar Hero: Metallica like nobody's business...

  2. Im glad the trend is dead. Oh, and Happy Successful Womb Escape Day!

  3. I found guitar hero games very entertaining at first. But it changed after a while.

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