Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why You Should Write "Look What I Did" on Your Paper Money

We are officially recognizing a fan-driven effort to start a "chaos drive" where everyone is writing "Look What I Did" in the top margin of their paper money. This is typically legal, and, to our knowledge, is only being done in a  legal fashion. Back off, Justice Department! :)

It IS illegal to completely deface currency so as to make it unfit for circulation, so simply write it somewhere legal and non-disruptive like the top or bottom margin. With everyone doing it, we are certainly creating a viral and interesting buzz. If everyone works together and does it, soon, the world will be very confused as to what that means, and the resulting Googling will increase Skeet's fame™.

Everyone participating in the chaos drive should do so only in a manner befitting the laws pertinent to them, and LWID is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise from this spontaneous, bottom-up word-spreading effort.

Join in what will be remembered as one of the most creative and interesting such efforts of all time. ALL YOUR MONEY ARE BELONG TO US!

All this, in honor of our tune "Jekyll Island Fiat Scratch" from Atlas Drugged

In Other News

I sat down (nowhere near him) for an interview with the top music journalist in the history of  New Zealand, "Young" Beezy, and I wrote an article for gazzmic entitled The Economics of Music. Also, we released a video update from a writing session the other day for Zanzibar III: Analog Prison.