Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Live Video: Almost-Complete Show, Look What I Did at the Carriage House in Ohio

We've posted some decent-quality footage of one of our sets from our most recent tour with the humor-core gentlemen of Psychostick, for whom Skeet and I are working on something right now (foreshadowing).

It was at an ancient Carriage House in Louisville, Ohio, and thusly the ceiling was short and the balconies above the stage were almost at arms-length. The show was well attended, and the people hanging down from above made me feel as though I were in the Nine Inch Nails video for "Wish" in which the crowd surrounds the band from every direction as they are trapped in a cage. It was an exciting show.

Either our manager and Malcom McLaren, Jesse Baker or Josh of the 'stick recorded these songs, depending on the video in question. This isn't a complete show as a song and a half may be missing, but here it is, a recent Look What I Did show, where we are supporting another band in a town we have never played, in semi-concert, low-fi format:

My Approximation of the Set (from memory)

1. Six Flags Over Jesus
      I don't think we have this video, if anyone else caught it, upload it to YouTube and holler.
2. Fade to Daft

3. Serf Song

4. Stop - Jane's Addiction Cover
      We dedicated this song to our friend Stacy Fleeman, who passed away. Jane's Addiction was his favorite band.

5. My Girlfriend, Leo Strauss
The first video is the pre-song banter leading up to it, where I explain that the title is an emasculation of Leo Strauss.

6. Shit $

7. Quit It

8. Pussy Comitatus

9. Cupid Full of Eros

It's Quite Possible...
   ...that I got the order wrong. While I have your attention, I recently wrote a blog for gazzmic called Music in the Information Age: Life in the Cloud.

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