Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Source Look What I Did Episode 1: New Zanzibar III related free MP3 content

So henceforth in the clutches are we of the writing of the great fable Zanzibar III. It is a cartoon song, a sequel to an ongoing series that began in Zanzibar I: The Dry-Mouthed Horse That Died at the Watering Hole on My First Time and continued on Zanzibar II: Sasha and Sebastian from Minuteman for the Moment. Some may recall that Zanzibar II featured a guest spot by Aimee Echo from TheStart and Human Waste Project.

It's a tale of a town of centaur-like horse-people whose only source of water is a lake patrolled by the tyrannical and cruel pirate Zanzibar. Sebastian is the hero of his horse-tribe, and Sasha his love interest. By Zanzibar III, Sebastian is enroute to imprisonment in Zanzibar's gaol with Sasha stolen away as the pirate's concubine. Meanwhile, the forces of Brigham Young, lying in wait on the moon, are planning an attack against Zanzibar's fleet to steal the lake's water for use on their moon-base.

At this point in the writing process, we have put together musical sketches, assorted combinations of riffs, and other skeletal components which we are now arranging into songs. Today, we will present five of these sketches in mp3 format below. Feel free to download these tracks and use them for sampling purposes, listening enjoyment, or any other usefulness you may find of them. If you use them as found art in a new creative work that you post online, such as an electronic song, we simply ask that you link back to our blog at in return.

We will post more of them in future installments. These were recorded using a single SM-58 through an old cassette 4-track recorder. Feel free to comment on the tracks themselves using the Soundcloud commenting interface, or in this blog, to let us know how these tracks make you feel.

Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - moon over bluegrass by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - spy into weird slimey by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - subdued mutey by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - dreary sludge riff by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Sebastian party by LookWhatIDid

In Other News

We got to see our buddies in Last Chance to Reason at our show together in Nashville at The End last night and met the gentlemen from Wretched, who were fine individuals as well. Mindset Defect from Nashville opened up and it was a great evening. It was a one-off show we did to highlight the fact that our buddies in Last Chance were in town. They have a video game slash album coming out on April 12th on Prosthetic that you should check out. was on hand to review the event. He has some live footage of the show in his review as well. Also, a group of fans in Knoxville have started a campaign to Get Look What I Did to Play in Knoxville, Tennessee on Facebook, so feel free to "like" that page and support their efforts if you live in their area!

I also recently wrote a blog for Gazzmic called We Are Living Through a Paradigm Shift.

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