Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Open Source Look What I Did Episode 2: Free MP3 Tracks from Zanzibar III Writing Sessions

In keeping with the transparent writing process we are conducting for Zanzibar III, today is the second installment in the "Open Source Look What I Did" series. The first had 5 MP3 skeletal tracks that will be ultimately reworked and probably used for our upcoming vinyl concept release Zanzibar III: Analog Prison. Today's update features 4 more, including the theme we will be using to signify the entrance of the protagonist Sebastian.

We are planning on having a sort of Peter and the Wolf style entrance theme for a few of the main characters that may reprise periodically when each one appears in the storyline.

Anyhow, feel free to download these tracks and listen at your leisure. Also, if you are an electronic musician in need of samples, feel free to use these tracks however you would like so long as you link back to www.melodicnoise.com in the event that you intend to post the results online.

The purpose of these skeletal tracks is to give you the listener the opportunity to see the different riffs and ideas at various phases during the writing process. It can be interesting to see how much the ideas change over time as we continue to work.

Most of these were recorded on a cassette four track recorder using a single SM58 as a room mic.

Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - delicious loaves by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Sebastian's Theme by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - Happy Sinister by LookWhatIDid
Zanzibar III skeletal tracks - drippy caves by LookWhatIDid

In Other News

The rest of the Look What I Did are plotting future blogs, so expect lots of exciting new updates. Also, I recently wrote an article for gazzmic.com called The Gatekeepers Are Gone: You Can Be Yourself.

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