Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Behind Zanzibar III Characters Part 1: David Koresh

The Zanzibar series is to some extent a cartoon-style rock opera. The plot is a struggle between the forces of good and evil with some more complex and tragic characters of "chaotic neutral" alignment that help the protagonist centaur Sebastian through some rough spots in his battle with the wicked pirate Zanzibar.

In this universe, Brigham Young's pilgrimage to the moon was successful, and while there, the banished soul of David Koresh arrives and takes on a human avatar to serve as his military lieutenant. The characters are loosely based on the iconic real-world people in question, but are more so absurd characterizations of them.

Essentially, the moon is inhabited by a civilization of 6-foot tall green people whose leader is Brigham Young. Koresh is their charismatic, energetic military mastermind, and, when the moon runs out of clean drinking water, their army is given the task of extracting water from Zanzibar's lake to quench the thirst of their population.

This military mission just so happens to begin at the same time that Sebastian is being hauled into court (see: Star Chamber) to face trial for insurrection against Zanzibar, causing an alliance of circumstance.

The Real David Koresh

The real David Koresh was the leader of the Branch Davidian church which was destroyed by the ATF in a brutal slaughter in the 1990s. Koresh was accused of storing weapons (he was an arms dealer by trade at the time for income), and there were rumors that he had taken on multiple wives, some of whom were underage. 

The ATF used rules of engagement that ultimately forced a violent conflict and lead to a siege that killed many innocent people. As terrible as some of the allegations against David Koresh were, it was obviously not to the benefit of anyone to set their compound on fire and kill so many innocent people. This is one of the darkest and most complex moments in American history, and, as a result, we felt it would make for compelling satirical content in the storyline. The absurdist characterization of David Koresh is not meant to make light of either the abuse of which he was accused nor the innocent bloodshed that occurred on that day. Look What I Did does not condone the actions of either party involved in this dark and terrible event.

To learn more about the real David Koresh and the siege in Waco, check out this lesser-known documentary on the subject:

Anyhow, this video content is being used in a fair use manner to provide an in depth glimpse into this dark and complicated historical event.

Don't expect Zanzibar III to be loaded with this type of intense discourse, as the character of David Koresh will be portrayed in a lighthearted-yet-satirical manner -- I just thought it might be interesting to take a look at this significant historical event that inspired our cartoon character of the same name.

FYI, did you know David Koresh made music? Check it out:

In Other News

Look What I Did will be playing in Nashville on May 6th to support our friends who will be having a CD release party, and I recently wrote a blog for gazzmic.com entitled Do You Remember the First Time Music Changed Your Life?.

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