Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chris Bradley's (guitar) gear

Ok. So. I will try to remember what I recorded with on Atlas, as well as bass gear for the other two records. And I will go over my live gear, which is fairly simple.

1.Atlas- On atlas, I played a Schecter Pete Townshend model guitar, mostly using the second pickup configuration to give it a twangy tone you don't hear much in heavy music. It is similar to the Ty Tabor(King's X) approach. I used a B-52 guitar head and (I believe) a Sovtek head and combined the two sounds. I think I used my Avatar 4-12 cabinet, but that I'm not sure of. Live I use the B-52, a 5150 4X12 cabinet on the bottom, and Avatar 4x12 cabinet on top. However, I don't remember which speaker configuration I use. Me and Skeet got our own configurations, but the same color cabinet. One has an Avatar, one has an "Avata". We each use the one nearest to us when we load for each show. I play the Pete Townshend guitar most of the time, and sometimes play a Michael Kelly MK Valor.

2. Minuteman - For Minuteman, I used a Music Man Stingray bass with D'Addario strings. I used some Ampeg direct box. We mic'd an Ampeg PR410 through an Ampeg SVT4 Pro 1200 watt Bass head, with a Sansamp pedal for gain, and I think a third channel was used as well, but I'm not sure what it was. I also used a fretless 5 string Steinberger Spirit bass on "Fox" and "Is, Was". Bought it new for 125$, now it's worth about $500. Live I used the same head, til it broke. Then, I briefly used a GK 700RB head. The cabinet I used was the standard Ampeg 8x10 refrigerator, which Ty is now using.

3.My First Time - For this one, I used a GK 400RB head through a Hartke 2x10 cab and mic'd it. I'm not sure what mic I used. An old 70's Rickenbacker bass was used on most of it. A few songs had the Music Man, and on the more funk oriented songs, like "Lipstick" I used an Epiphone Les Paul bass. Live gear for that time period is irrelevant, since our live shows back then were more "performance art/trainwreck" than actual music.

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