Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look Back for the lulz: Tila Tequila Endorses Look What I Did... in 2003

Here's proof!

Private info has been redacted from the provided screenshot to protect the inno... uh, you know what I mean. It is a lesser known fact that Tila Tequila, Look What I Did, and National Product were once the only accounts on MySpace with over 10,000 friends. Imagine how famous we could have become if we had bosoms, too!

I doubt Tila Tequila bestowed the honor of her endorsement upon us due to actually liking our wacky sound; she wanted to trade bulletins to get the Look What I Did bump. I think it worked.

Did Look What I Did make Tila Tequila famous with our 2003 MySpace bulletin trade? One couldn't possibly know for sure, but, because it is possible to make that claim, I will.

In Other News

Skeet's Elron side project is jamming out in Nashville this weekend, check out the Facebook event page dedicated to the event. Also, I wrote articles for called We're All Deadheads Now and Innovation Alert: Last Chance to Reason's Video Game Slash Album.

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