Thursday, April 28, 2011

Satire: Shocking Closer Look at Obama's Birth Certificate

Birtherism as it is called has become the favorite subject of race-baiters from all sides of the political spectrum, with people debating whether or not President Obama might be from Kenya or Hawaii, whether or not it is appropriate to ask such a question, whether or not such a question has ever been asked of presidents like Clinton, Bush, or Reagan, and whether or not those asking such questions are doing so for racially motivated reasons.

To resolve this age-old dispute made famous by the spray-tanned real estate tycoon cum presidential candidate Donald Trump, President Obama released his birth certificate to be viewed by the public. Since there is so much controversy surrounding this subject, I decided to take a look.

The results were shocking. While President Obama was definitely born in Hawaii and is thusly of course an American citizen as is to be expected, a closer look examined another detail that proves he was hiding the birth certificate from the public. Click on the photo below to see a close-up look at the disturbing secret that we discovered!

Yes, the shocking truth that Obama didn't want you to see, and thus his reasoning for not releasing his birth certificate, is that he was actually born with the same name (and political philosophy and policies) as former President George W. Bush!

It truly is George W. Bush's third term!!! (Although, it would have been easier to determine that by simply noticing his efforts to unilaterally bomb nations like Lybia, Yemen, or Pakistan and expand the wars and use of military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.)


In Other News

Zanzibar III is well on its way. IV and V may be written as well depending on how much of the hours of music we intend to actually use. We're looking at some new options for a merch web store as well, so expect some cool new swag pretty soon. Also, I recently wrote a blog for entitled The Return of the Split Seven Inch Vinyl Record.

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  1. Well that's because everyone had had access or prior knowledge of those Pres.'s birth certificates. It was not in question one iota. Yet for Mr. Obama, for some reason, he had failed during the campaign and in his 1st 2 years in office to acknowledge a valid USA born certificate. And it matters because you cannot become President of the United States unless your are born in this great land. See- Fourth paragraph of Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. It's kind of a big deal. However, on another note, I am looking forward to the opera.