Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skeet's memory attempts to list guitar gear

Chris and I were recently asked for a rundown of the gear we use to get our guitar tones.

My live rig consists of a Soldano Avenger 100watt head into an Avatar 4x12 cab (vintage 30's on top and G12H30's on the bottom) and a Peavey 5150 4x12 cab. Guitars are a Michael Kelley Vex Verdict and the S1 Schecter Blackjack.

As for live effects i keep it fairly simple, Boss Blues Driver (bd-2) for extra gain and a Boss Chorus Ensemble which im using alot for the newer stuff. My guitar sound on Atlas Drugged was mainly a Bogner head and a Peavey 6505. Expect a more comprehensive blog and a gear list from Chris in the near future.

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  1. Cool! Simple and offers a really nice tone on gigs (for what i've seen on youtube vids). BD-2 to extra gain was a surprise... i only see people using this pedal to pentatonic soloing and such. But, again, of course LWID delivers something outside the box. I'm kinda resuming my guitar playing and don't have a tube amp, so I have to use pedals for that cranky and dirty (and that extremely annoying buzz) distortion.

    Keep kickin' ass