Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barry Releases New Article on Punk Activism with Updates on Political Plans

Hey guys, I recently wrote an article on political activism called A Punk-Rock Libertarian in Ronald Reagan's Court for the national website of the Republican Liberty Caucus, an organization of activists and elected officials who work together to promote libertarianism inside of the Grand Old Party. Imagine, little old anti-war, pro-decriminalization-of-marijuana me getting elected into the party leadership while openly calling for a dramatic shift away from the tyrannical policies of George W. Bush. Who would have thought that to be possible? Not me, if you'd asked me before it happened.

The classic magazine The American Spectator referred positively to the article in a blog entry by the legendary Shawn Macomber called Establishing Opposition to the Establishment.

Long story short, I, as a form of protest, ran for and surprisingly actually got elected to the county party executive committee of Nashville's GOP, served a 2 year term which went quite well and has since ended, and I will be pushing back my campaign for City Council until 2015. Just as a preface, political statements made by me personally do not necessarily always represent the views of everyone in Look What I Did or any other organization I may at any time be or have been a part of. :)

In Other News

Recording is currently underway for Zanzibar III, we've done some significant ad buys through Facebook and which will mean our fans will soon have some new friends, and I recently wrote some articles for entitled After the Music Industry Appears to Die, It Will Come Back As a More Powerful Cyborg and Promoting Shows Outside of Your Local Market.

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