Saturday, May 7, 2011

PODCAST: Look What I Did in-studio co-guest hosting on Loud Love! on 91.1 WRVU

Check it out! We did an in-studio appearance on 91.1 FM WRVU earlier in the week, and it is now available in podcast form.

In the immortal words of Drew from Loud Love:

"Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

We're having some fun this week Nashville! Have the guys from Look What I Did in studio with us to talk about rumored releases, rumored shows, rumored political movements, and maybe a show and record that are confirmed and ready for public knowledge as well. We'll be playing old favorites, b-sides and new releases you may not have heard anywhere else, and talking about a whole lot of things which are without a doubt, NOT editorializing.

On a sadder note, because of an untimely death last week, we will also be playing a quick tribute to Poly Styrene of the great early punk band X-Ray Spex, who inspired tons of little girls to be seen and heard, and who's influence ranges far and wide, in addition to claiming a spot on any list of "top punk albums!" you'll read.

So strap in, turn up your speakers, and make sure you're tuning in this week, so you can get the answers to all the important questions. How many websites does LWID need you to visit? Can Ty turn up the radio voice and take over for us as host? How many nicknames does Acme have? Who is it that keeps calling Skeet? Find out the answers to these.. and more... this week, on Loud Love."

The playlist for the show can be found at this link. The podcast itself can be heard by pushing the "play" button found below!


In Other News

I penned two articles for entitled Music Video Distribution in the Information Age and Band Blogs Build Big Buzz.

Also, speaking of music videos... that's a hint.

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