Sunday, May 26, 2013

NEW SONG: Look What I Did - "Wait, Don't Jump" from Zanzibar III: Analog Prison

After Sebastian's disappearance into Zanzibar's custody, an angry mob of Sebastian-supporting centaur horse-people from his community in Ban'hak Village has gathered in protest of Zanzibar at the town square. Zanzibar, having ordered Magistrate Lord Witherow to put Sebastian to death, descends upon the protesters, intending to give a deceptive speech to calm them.

Zanzibar plans to portray Sebastian's impending death by execution as a suicide. Zanzibar cautions the angry mob.

Zanzibar: "Wait up on your feet. Wait, dont jump the beat."

Zanzibar begins spinning a fabricated tale in which he tries to convince Sebastian not to commit suicide.

Zanzibar: "...And it was the perfect night to slip in the crowd and disappear until you pull this shit. I know you want to believe in something, and I care enough to speak up now and not let you look like an asshole."

The mob seems suspicious and begins grumbling. Zanzibar continues to urge caution.

Zanzibar: "Wait, don't move your feet. Wait, don't jump the beat."

Zanzibar fictionalizes a story in which Sebastian jumps to his death.

Zanzibar: "He was on the ledge. He was leaning forward. He fell. I know he wanted to believe in something, and I cared enough to speak up then to try and stop this from happening."

The crowd doesn't buy Zanzibar's lies and begins moving towards him.

Zanzibar: "Wait. Don't move your feet. Wait, you're coming t'wards me."

A protester angrily responds.

Protester: "We don't buy it anymore. We think you're lying to us again. You're always lying to us, man. Silence! We won't take this! You murdered our hero! We vote no confidence! Take five paces! You'll need them!"

The protester turns to the angry mob.

Protester: "Attention! This is the last straw! A war you must want! A war you will get. Charge him! This is our will. There will be no trial. He must not live. We will kill Zanzibar!"

The crowd joins in chorus to show support for the conflict with Zanzibar.

The centaurs: "Our souls swell, we'll fill everywhere. Our souls swell, joy and anger everywhere."


Look What I Did is:
Ty Coughlin
Aaron "Skeet" Childress
Chris Bradley
Jake Omen
Barry Donegan

Zanzibar III: Analog Prison will be released on vinyl later this year. :)