Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look What I Did: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Look What I Did is no stranger to controversy, and there is no topic too taboo to explore in the form of song.

October 2005:
The criminally underrated album by Look What I Did Minuteman for the Moment "Chest is a Ribcage". The complexity of relationships and their potential for self-sabotage are explored along with the frustration of the unrealistic expectations placed on males and females as portrayed by sappy movies on the Oxygen channel...

"I ain't been laid in five long years, man
It's just I got these ideals
I can't get them out of my head"

And she's waiting for me somewhere
On a train or a bus or something mundane like that
I know that's the case, you see
I know it to be so, you can ask my mom"

"I'll just be a thousand Oxygen channel movies
To a thousand different people
A thousand different ways
And I don't care who it hurts"

Another favorite track of my mine is the song innocently named "Lightning Bugs". The clever word play penned by Barry Donegan mix pleasant summertime memories with the consequences of toxic relationships. This song explores the issue of the libido dominante, meaning the lust for power or the desire to dominate:

"If you think you love her so much why must you manipulate her
You're the heart of a puppy with the soul of a chew toy
Your urge to collect her is frustrating to deal with
Your fingerprints on her, it seems wrong to affect it
The lightning bugs don't want to play for you"

"In a jar
With no breathing holes
You egotistical son of a bitch
This is for your amusement"

"But I do it too
I do it too, yeah" 

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December 2006:
While playing a show with Foxy Shazam at the Gibson Showcase in Nashville, TN, Look What I Did surprises the crowd with a revved up and distorted version of the Abstinence Anthem "We Don't Have to Take our Clothes off" by Jermaine Stewart.
video here:

April 2008:
Look What I Did performs in Charlottesville, Virginia serenading the crowd with the always wholesome GG Allin tune "I Kill Everything I Fuck"
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExomZKDaN88

February 2010:
Look What I Did goes on a male self-loathing satirical tirade during the song entitled Pussy Comitatus. Video Directors, Dune Baydoun & Chris Bradley, forge a controversial music video with a M. Night Shyamalan twist.

"i'm a potential rapist
test tube my baby goo
you're a sex predator
bottle me up!
you cheated yourself
and you
sold me out"

"i'd make a bad dad
 am a potential rapist
and im a domestic abuse machine baby
call up the cops"

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For the record, these are simply my opinions and song interpretations.

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