Thursday, September 12, 2013

The most Fashionable Band in the World

Fashionistas in Paris and Kentucky wait with baited breath for Look What I Did to perform live and make public appearances in order to imitate the most Fashionable Band in the World. The members of Look What I Did are internationally known for their trendy outfits, innovative accessories, and highly collectable band merchandise. Hugo Boss and other major fashion outfitters have consulted with Look What I Did for their 2013 Fashion Fall Line-Up.

The most Fashionable Band in the World post will be a reoccurring feature that will highlight a piece of Look What I Did merchandise. Today's item of envy is a super rare corvette red colored Look What I Did shirt with a party-goer undergoing vivisection. Lyrics from the song "The Soiree" are cleverly displayed adding a layer of mystique to this Fall's must have look.
"They hold you down 'til they break your will
Everybody is taking pills
There's all this pity we give out of sequence
Let's just have a party, it's far more convenient"

"How are we supposed to arrive
If everyones already there
How are we supposed to survive
If everyones already dead"

Are you a fellow trend setting Look What I Did fan? Post a pic of yourself at the Look What I Did Facebook page donning LWID garb and we'll make sure to submit your pics to our people at Cosmo, Elle, and Vogue.

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