Friday, September 13, 2013

Word on the Streets

I need to add this to my weekly post rotation... Word on the Streets is an opportunity to address Look What I Did rumors, dispel myths, and enact positive propaganda for the weirdest band ever formed in Nashville, TN.

                                                            Barry Donegan (before surgery)

Vocalist and erratic frontman, Barry Donegan, exchanged some fisticuffs with Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins last week. Barry was surprise attacked by the duo outside of the LWID recording studios. Barry dealt with the dastardly duo with a volley of uppercuts, bodyslams, and elbow drops. Mr. Rollins got in one lucky blow smashing a red camera into Barry's face which had to be surgically removed.

Look What I Did are already recording new songs while finishing up the forthcoming concept EP entitled Sebastian's Analog Prison. I'll try to get permission to attend the next recording session in order to bring you an exclusive preview of their next masterpiece.

Contrary to popular belief, Look What I Did members are highly concerned with this nation's at risk youth. Three schools and two community centers across the Midwest have been built by Look What I Did. It is a scientific fact that children's reading comprehension and math skills improve by 27%  after LWID plays in their town.

Look What I Did may perform at a random super top secret/only the hippest kids in town will know/totally underground house show in the near future...

Look What I Did believe in a holistic approach to healing the woes of this nation. In a scientific study conducted by Monsanto and B.F. Skinner, 14 children were taken off their ADHD medications and locked in a gym with members of Look What I Did and Last Chance to Reason for two weeks. The results were incredible:

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