Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Highly Collectable Top Shelf Merch


Your eyes are feasting upon the visual salad that is Look What I Did merchandise. I believe this is the very first LWID shirt I purchased. It was at a now defunct club called the Muse in Nashville, TN. Be sure to click on the picture to read the clever thought bubble.

"There he is.. There is a representative of the worst class of human in the world... the musician! Study him without his artificial bravery .. without his manufactured glamour! There is the musician as he really is!

Look, I know your mega jealous of my shirt. If you would like to own a piece of vintage LOOK WHAT I DID history and pretend you were way INTO THEM BACK IN THE DAY before they sold out and starting making $40,000 you can acquire this shirt from me for a mere two thousand federal reserve notes.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sebastian's Analog Prison music video (Director's Cut)

Behold! I present to you, faithful and worthy Look What I Did fans, an alternate version of the Look What I Did music video 'Sebastian's Analog Prison':

The official and original music video for Sebastian's Analog Prison can be viewed here:

              ****for full viewing pleasure make sure to watch in 1080hd****

The initial spark of inspiration for the remake came after watching a Prison Documentary on Netflix concerning the psychological damage inflicted upon prisoners who are placed in isolation or "the hole". The mix between security footage and candid interviews with the inmates created an almost repulsive sympathy for the individual locked behind bars, akin to an animal in a cage. Tales of constant pacing in the cell until the cement floor had been worn down, hearing voices, and feelings of extreme claustrophobia were commonplace among those in isolation. I imagined myself as the character Sebastian, unjustly imprisoned, afraid and bordering on the edge of madness in a desolate windowless cell as I chopped up and pieced together footage.

Another influence for the remake came to me while rummaging through the Sci-Fi section at Mckay's (a most excellent used video games/books/movies store in Nashville, TN). I cannot recall the name of the DVD, but the cover had some righteous use of neon pinks and blues with prisoners in assorted states of sorrow and despair stemming from being hooked up to some sort of virtual reality machine. The description of this dystopian film explained that prisoners were to be rehabilitated using virtual reality and intense therapy sessions. Instead, sadistic prison guards physically and mentally tortured them by altering the virtual reality sessions.

The original and official music video for Sebastian's Analog Prison is reminiscent of a 90's Alternative Rock video that could have debuted on the MTV show 120 Minutes. I wanted the Director's Cut to be more cerebral, unsteady, and create an atmosphere that felt crowded and full of gloom.

The opening shot is a nod to the in-between world as depicted in the Lord of the Rings film when Frodo would physically place the Ring upon his finger. Look What I Did vocalist, Barry Donegan, plays the role of Sebastian who slumbers in his cell and falls into a fitful sleep. Due to his faltering mental and physical health from cruel imprisonment, Sebastian is beginning to lose his grip on reality. He is fed and tormented by a Prison Guard, played by mega famous guitarist Skeet Childress. Sebastian's damaged psyche begins to unravel and is having trouble differentiating between his waking life and the dream world.

Sebastian is tortured by various methods including sleep deprivation, physical abuse, lack of adequate bedding, exposure to cold, and being forcibly drugged to quiet and crush his rebellious spirit. In purposeful contrast to the original music video, Sebastian is shown with a sickly green-yellow skin tone.

Also, the Prison Guard in the Director's Cut video alternates between an actual physical human Guard and a hologram projection version of the Guard that dangles keys just out of the reach of our hero and brandishes an AK47 while taunting Sebastian from afar. If you look closely while in 1080 hd mode you'll notice lines of alternating color similar to older television sets with lines of color which distort the projected image every so slightly.

At the 23 second mark feature two hurried clips of Sebastian mournfully singing yet they are actually being replayed backwards.

At the 38sec. and the 1min 36 sec. marks you may notice a visual reference to the Rad Roaches from the Fallout New Vegas Video Game. The Prison Guard likes to capture them in a jar, shake them to death, and munch on them as snacks while making fun of Sebastian. Also, the bugs in the jar are a visual allegory for Sebastian's plight.  

1min 07sec flashes TRAPPED IN HELL

at 1min 13 sec Sebastian gives in to the torture and exhaustion and collapses with everything fading to white. As he awakens he reluctantly decides to accept his servitude until he is sent a message from his primal self which declares RESCUE HER (1 min 17seconds) which revives and rekindles an ancient energy of love and boldness.

1min 25 sec is the visual representation of Sebastian's primal self... scrawling evocative images into his literal psyche to help him combat his current state of mental and physical slavery.

 At the 1min 54 second mark, the audience is shown that Sebastian is under constant video surveillance.

 2min 03 sec Sebastian's primal instincts awaken and despite the darkness he is able to summon a soulful song of rebellion from his captors. until the 3min 27sec mark.

While Sebastian remains imprisoned, he remains bold and relentless in his choice to be defiant. Thus, the more bold and colorful scrawlings and moon scenes.

***PLEASE keep in mind that the above is a "fan fiction" of sorts and not officially sanctioned by Look What I Did. These are my own thoughts/interpretations mixed with the original story presented
by the Look What I Did song Sebastian's Analog Prison.

What happens next? Does Sebastian escape? Does he rescue Sasha? Or is he heinously murdered? How many tattoo's does Jake have? Is Barry using anabolic steroids? If you appreciate the art damaged and independent spirit of rock n' roll as performed by Look What I Did be sure to give us a LIKE on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, LIKE us on YouTube, and buy $40,000 worth of merch at every show.