Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Look What I Did - Zanzibar III: Analog Prison Now Available for PreOrder on Vinyl, Free Full Album Stream Available


LOOK WHAT I DID Offers Full Stream of New Rock Opera, Vinyl Preorders Available

WORLDWIDE (July 23, 2014) - At long last, after four years in the making, Look What I Did has finished its brand-new full-length rock opera, Zanzibar III: Analog Prison. The LP, which is currently being pressed to vinyl by the band's new Chicago-based label So Say We All Records, is available right now for free streaming at the label's Bandcamp page, found below.

Also available on So Say We All Records Bandcamp page are vinyl pre-orders, which can be purchased now and are limited to 125 copies. Those who pre-order the full-length vinyl rock opera will be able to download the entire album right away.

The album does not yet technically have an official release date, but, since it is already being manufactured, a release date will be announced very soon.

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    Been stoked to hear this for a while now, man. Congrats to you and the whole band. I actually mixed together Zanzibar I and II and now I guess this one will finally complete it and then I'll cut my head off and throw it at the fucking moon!